Application Developers
Use uBuildApp to develop applications for your customers. Register with us as a developer and get all binary files delivered to you for free (save $50 per app). App developers have had 100% success rate in submitting uBuildApp applications to Apple and are very happy with the speed and ease that they have been able to build applications.

Custom Buttons
If you wish to develop a button for uBbuildApp, please contact us. If we feel that your concept is a good fit for our library, we will give you the necessary details to create and submit the button. All buttons sold are on a cost-share basis. If you want to provide your button for free, that can be arranged as well.

Buttons can be simple, like a basic utility, or complicated, like a game. In some circumstances they can be "lite" versions of a product you offer.

The button is sold as a license to the buyer. You will retain the source code, and you can remove your button from the library at any time. However users that have purchased a license will continue to be able to use your button in their app.