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The President Barack Obama app was created in less than an hour to make it easy for anyone to follow everything the President (and the First Lady) is doing.

Made using nine buttons, the application gives you access to both the President and First Lady's Twitter stream, News gathered from top sites on the Web, The President's official Blog, official Videos, White House photos, releasesfrom the Press Room, the White House Web site, and a contact form that includes phone numbers and postal address.

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All Pogue, all the time. The Pogue app was created by fans of David Pogue who wanted to have one place with everything they could get that he produces.

This app features Pogue's Twitter feed, his personal and New York Times blogs, the Circuits with David Pogue video series, a way to buy all of his books, and a page to contact him.

Launched to rave reviews from David Pogue fans, this app was downloaded almost 500 times in one day and is one of uBuildApp's top downloaded applications.

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David Pogue iPhone App by uBuildApp


Chris Pirillo is another app created by fans who wanted to get the full Chris Pirillo experience. Chris is all over, with blogs, videos, Twitter and more. People not only can follow everything Chris puts out, but they can also see what is happening on his Geeks forums and Lockergnome, as well as the latest on his Gnomedex conference.

His fans have been very happy with this app, downloading it over a hundred times a day.

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Chris Pirillo iPhone App by uBuildApp


Affiliate Summit is the preeminent conference for the affiliate and performance marketing industry. This application makes it easy to follow the updates leading up the the conference, as well as have easy access to the agenda and Twitter updates while at the show.

Popular during the show for the updates made each day, the application also lets potential attendees register, view pictures and videos from the past shows, and even contact the show owners with questions.

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Affiliate Summit iPhone App by uBuildApp


ReveNews is a trusted, unbiased source focusing on Internet related industries such as online marketing, SEM, affiliate marketing, retail (e-commerce), analytics, spyware, blogging and much more.

A ReveNews author created the app in about 15 minutes with 10 different buttons to make it easy for the loyal readers of ReveNews to follow not just the whole blog, but they created a button for each of the most popular areas covered.

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ReveNews iPhone App by uBuildApp

Mardi Gras

Lafayette Mardi Gras is updated for each year's Mardi Gras Festival!

This app is a comprehensive, interactive guide to the Mardi Gras celebrations in Lafayette, Louisiana. It includes many features, such as: 

* A schedule of all parades
* Static and interactive maps
* Band schedule 
* Information on every Band
* Information on all the Krewes
* Ride specials for Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette
* And much more!

New! You can track Lafayette's seven parades using the live GPS tracker.

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Lafayette Mardi Gras iPhone App by uBuildApp


The Sony Biotechnology Flow Cytometry Application was designed to give customers the latest information on their instruments, reagents, and special offers they have. In addition their Application is designed to be a resource for Flow Cytometry needs with Sony biotechnology.

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Sony Biotechnology iPhone App by uBuildApp


iXC Ski is your year around source for everything cross country ski. You will have access to all cross-country ski races, news, photos, schedules, and links 365 days a year. 

Videos are added weekly while in season and news and information is updated daily. Take all the exciting cross country ski racing with you when you are on the go!

Other features include; new product launches, reviews and interviews from all over the cross country ski world.

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iXC Ski iPhone App by uBuildApp


Jim Kukral is a very happy customer who wanted an app to showcase his knowledge and services. He created this app as a marketing vehicle for existing followers and to attract new ones.

He wanted an iPhone app but was not willing to pay the thousands of dollars it normally cost. Now his followers can keep up with him on Twitter, through his blog and videos, and more.

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Jim Kukral iPhone App by uBuildApp