Apps for Everyone

Apps Are Affordable and Easy

Now that you can get your own app for as little as $329, anyone can get their own app. Professionals, merchants, bloggers, schools, and more can all have an app to feature their offerings.


We have had many restaurants use our service to create an app. You can show your menu, catering information, maps to your locations, entertainment schedules, and more. If you active in social media, include your Twitter and Facebook Fan page. We can also build your app for you for only $250 in addition to the app release fees.


Festivals, conferences, and other public events can greatly benefit from an app. You can keep your visitors engaged both before and after the event itself with the social media options, picture streams, and video. Maps showing where your event is as well as pages with the event layout make it easy for people to find what they want. Including a schedule as part of the app lets people easily find out what is happening and where. You may even find that you can save on printing as people use the app instead of paper.

Groups and Organizations

Now churches, sports groups, PTAs, schools, and cities can have an app in the marketplace. Groups can tell prospective members about their purpose, have a calendar of events, a photo gallery, videos, news, and even a membership form. Grow your group and keep them informed with one app.


Create an app featuring news about the city or town you specialize in. Include news, information about living there, and, of course, feature your info too. These apps work well for all sorts of professionals, including real estate agents.


Many blogs are typically about a topic of interest. Include your blog in an app all about that topic, and you should get lots of readers.


Make an app about a topic related to your product, and include your featured product or product line. Current customers can read your blog, follow you on Twitter, and email you questions. Add in a calendar so that people can see your scheduled speaking appearances. Add a button with a link to a page you optimize for mobile users and anyone can have access to anything on your Web site.


Your app can feature information about your business. If you close sales through the phone, make sure you feature your phone number and the app will let people call you with a single touch of their finger. You can map your location so they can see where you are and how close they are to you. You can even link to your own eBay listings and makes sales directly from the app. Your app can cost less than a listing in the local yellow pages and reach more people and make direct sales.