How much does this cost?

All apps cost $329 to release into the iTunes Marketplace. That is it. No monthly fees. Add as much content as you want to your app for the flat fee of $329. Want it in both iOS and Google Play stores, it's just another $270.

If you have your own developer license and prefer to have us submit the app to Apple for you, or have us deliver the binary file of the application to you, the total fee will be $429 for Apple release. Want it in both stores under your own account? The total cost would be $699.

The first year maintenance (unlimited updates to your buttons) is included. After that it will be $99 per year if you want to maintain your app on our service. This includes all apps - both those under our own license as well as those released under your own account.

Your app will remain available and usable by your users if you do not pay the maintenance fee after the year, but you will not be able to update it any more.