What can I do with my App?

Your App can be used to communicate with your customers, inform people, direct them to your business, let them keep up with the latest news, contact you, and more.

You can type your information and format it directly in our custom edit form, or you can copy and paste from other sources. Text documents and Web pages copy very well.

Welcome: Create a simple page welcoming users. Use a photo, format the page with backgrounds, set the font and colors. Whatever you want to make the page your own.

About: Tell your customers about you. Use your picture or your logo. Customize the page to look great.

Blog: Direct your app to your blog and it will always have the latest posts.

Calendar: Link it to your public calendar so they can see your speaking engagements, meeting times, or even the schedule of your favorite sports team.

Chat: A simple chat board that lets all users post and comment on whatever topics come up. You can create chat rooms for different subjects to keep conversations on topic, or let your users choose the direction of the chat.

Clock: Basic analog clock that you can style and add backgrounds and text to.

Contact: Set up a contact form that lets people click to call or click on your email address and send you and email from their phone.

eBay: Are you an eBay seller? Show your items here. Clubs can show auctions that match their interests.

Facebook: Add your Fan page to your app and let your app help you increase your fan base as well as participation with your page. People can read, post, and comment on Fan page posts.

Flickr: Link to your Flickr account and show one or more of your photo sets. This is a great way to show off your merchandise or let your customers see what your shop looks like. Show off a house or maybe shots from the last club meeting.

HTML: For advanced users. Enter raw HTML code to show virtually anything.

Local News: Enter your ZIP code and have a local news feed.

Map: Enter your address so your customers can see where your business is on a Google map. Real estate agents can link to their featured home for sale.

Menu: For advanced users. You can use the Menu button to host sub-menu buttons. You can use this to group content by subject or by type. Some developers like to group chat rooms, news feeds, videos, etc.

Page: Enter text or copy and paste from any source. Format the contents to look the way you want.

Picasa: Show one or more of your albums from Picasa. This is a great way to show off your merchandise or let your customers see what your shop looks like. Show off a house or maybe shots from the last club meeting.

Podcast: Just add your podcast source feed and the app will allow everyone to listen to your podcasts directly from the app. Includes background playing of iOS4 devices.

RSS: Shows the summary from an RSS feed. This works when you want to show a blog or a news feed but don't want to show a long page with multiple articles. Any RSS feed can be used here. News sites and blogs always have a feed, but if you look for the RSS symbol () you might find that most sites have a feed.

Twitter: Let your followers keep up with your latest Twitter posts. This is a great way to get people who don't even know what Twitter is to follow your posts, because they don't have to subscribe to see them in your app.

Web: Want to link to a Web site or page? Use this to put it into your app. Browsers will not escape your app while they check out the Web pages.

YouTube: Show one video, or link to an entire channel and get the latest videos. This is great for a real estate site to showcase their properties, as well as to have your video podcasts in your app.